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As we grow older, our concerns revolve less and less about the world around us but rather, on our basic needs such as comfort and security and remaining at home or at least in an environment that is as close as possible to our own home. We yearn for a place to call home, where we are kept safe, as well as loved and cared for.

Hometown Retirement is here to provide just that. We are a state-licensed, non-institutional residential facility located in a peaceful neighborhood of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and provide an alternative for seniors who are ambulatory or semi-ambulatory but do not need the high level of care of a nursing home.

We are a micro-community of sorts, and encourage our residents to interact with one another so we can build one solid surrogate family.

Hometown Retirement is big enough to serve you but small enough to provide you with personalized care. Learn more about us today!

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