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Hometown Retirement is a state-certified community based residential community (CBRF) We have no added or hidden costs as many others do and all of our services are provided for one low price. We provide residents assistance with activities of daily living such as showering, reminders to brush teeth, grooming, laundry, household chores, shopping...etc. We also offer residents transportation to and from appointments (in Sheboygan), medication management, 3 homemade meals a day, and health monitoring. There is a full-time registered nurse working with the staff and residents to assure the best quality care is being given to our residents. We also offer an on-site beautician who comes every other week to do hair, and a podiatrist who comes to the facility to do foot care.

As we grow older, our concerns revolve less and less about the world around us but rather on our basic needs such as comfort, security, and remaining at home. When remaining at home is no longer a good option, we look for an environment that is as close as possible to our own home. We yearn for a place to call home where we are safe, loved, and cared for. Hometown is here to provide just that. We provide an alternative for seniors who are ambulatory or semi-ambulatory and encourage our residents to interact with one another so we can build a solid surrogate family. Hometown Retirement is big enough to serve your needs but small enough to provide you with personalized care.

Individualized care

Because we are a smaller facility, we are able to give our residents more individualized cares to fulfill not only their needs but also their wants. We strive to give our resident's the opportunities that they would have if they were living on their own. If they want to go to the store, bank, church, or anywhere else, we do what we can to help accommodate that.

24 Hour Care

Our staff at Hometown provides our residents with 24-hour care. Someone is always available to help you or your loved one with any cares that are needed, both big and small. We strive to give our residents all the care that they need to help them feel safe and comfortable, while at the same time allowing them to be as independent as they can be, to achieve the best quality of life possible.

Meals and Snacks

We provide our residents with 3 home-cooked meals and day and snacks at night before bed. Our meals are prepared with both nutrition and resident preferences in mind. We try to serve food that the majority like and can offer alternatives at any meal.


At Hometown, we strive to make our resident's feel as safe and comfortable as possible, so they can feel as though this is their home. Our goal is to make the surroundings feel like a house rather than an institution that they are being thrown into. We offer a homelike environment, with some modification for safety and to accommodate residents' needs.


We offer our residents transportation to and from appointments within Sheboygan. One of our employees, most often a Registered Nurse, attends the appointments with the resident, to be sure the best care is being given and all of their health needs are being taken care of.

Medical Assistance

We have a full-time Registered Nurse on staff that is also on call 24/7. This ensures that the residents are getting the proper medical care that they deserve. Their weight and vitals are also monitored on a monthly basis and as needed, to be sure they are as healthy as possible.

Group Activities

We offer group activities such as cards, exercises, Wii bowling...etc. We encourage residents to participate in the activities they enjoy so they can socialize with other residents and work their minds and bodies to stay as active as possible.


Our staff are all trained to administer all medications including pills, inhalers, nebulizers, insulin...etc. to the residents as ordered by their physician.  We offer this service to help the resident get the proper medications at the proper time, although if the resident is able and wishes to administer their own medications, they may do so.

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Hometown Retirement is big enough to serve you but small enough to provide you with personalized care. Learn more about us today!

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